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X Billion Labs is an ecosystem of impact enterprises, building platforms for India’s next billion to access the 21st century version of basic necessities to lead a meaningful life.


X The Future
Billion India’s next billion people
Labs An experimental, futuristic and creative approach


Algorithms are re-coding our very way of life, as we know it. They now influence our workplaces, relationships, enterprises, government and even the human mind. But are we as a nation, from villages to metros, prepared for this transcendence? Is such development necessarily positive in its totality? Or, must we act immediately to ensure that algorithms enable us and do not destroy us?


Society is a collective of human beings, not units on a data matrix. Technology must only be leveraged to protect human rights, eradicate inequalities and enable a healthy life. Code cannot be allowed to serve the agendas of exclusive centres of power or capital.


One must question if conventional ideas of impact are really moving the needle any longer, as AI and automation put humans at threat of irrelevance - should we build more schools or re-imagine curriculums and learning formats?
X Billion Labs is a for profit holding company of futuristic impact enterprises. We are studying threats and opportunities caused by disruptions such as climate change, artificial intelligence, overpopulation, unemployability and data driven capitalism to build solutions that will protect as well as enable a quality life for India's next billion people in this new age.

Currently we have two labs, operating as independent subsidiaries:

Skills Lab

X Billion Skills Lab identifies, enhances and quantifies Natural Intelligence required for youth to access meaningful employment in the age of Artificial Intelligence.


Action Lab

X Billion’s Action Lab leverages modern behavioural science, story telling, digital platforms and futuristic policy design to build new age social movements.


Our collective mission is to positively transform 10 million lives by 2030.


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It is a challenge to find people with the intent, ability, sustained commitment and a vision to build something bigger than themselves. 

Currently we’re a small group of futuristic changemakers re-imagining impact out of an energetic space in Bandra, Mumbai.

If you’d like to explore joining our mission write to info@xbillionlabs.com.

Contact Us


3rd Floor, X Billion Labs,
Pinky Palace, Malwa Ceramics Building,
Ram Krishna Nagar, S.V. Road, Khar (W),
Mumbai – 400 052

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