An Eco System Of Futuristic Impact Enterprises

Enhancing Employability | Curating Talent for Futuristic SMEs

Cogniti v e Baseline Critical Co r e Skills F utu r e Ready W orkplace Skills Dynamic Learner P r ofile Data Dri v en Placement Eme r ging Sta r t Ups and F uturistic SMEs
Skills Lab enables youth from lower income communities to gain 21st century core skills, future ready workplace skills and access to meaningful employment in emerging start ups and futuristic SMEs.

Our hybrid platform operates at the convergence of classrooms, artificial intelligence enabled e-learning and cognitive data-driven placements.

Building Social Movements | Transforming Behaviour

BUSINESSES GOVERNMENT Beh a viou r al Science T actical Messaging P olicy Data CITIZENS
Action Lab builds social movements at the convergence of behavioral science, big data, tactical messaging and policy. Our next big one is #AdoptIndia to transform mindsets and policy to open doors for India's 2 Crore+ abandoned children.


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